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1 - Forged Bill of Lading Scam
This type of fraud attempts to take advantage of a fake bill of lading, which looks almost unrecognizable from an original, aiming toward the unlawful acquisition of the cargo
in question.
Such a fraud requires a lot of information gathering on account of the fraudsters, such as a copy of the actual bill of lading to ensure forging is believable. The actual ship
owner and actual receiver of cargo are then left to pick up the pieces as the thieves escape detection with the contents of the cargo itself.
You should always make sure you are aware of the chain of custody when it comes to bills of lading. Check local shipping agents as they will need to make sure all
documentation is genuine and actual. If you encounter repeating errors in documents or inconsistencies, you should put a halt to any shipping operations with the client in
question until the situation has been investigated or uncovered as fraudulent.

2 - Fake Cargo Sale Scam
In this case the fraudsters will attempt to create genuine bills of lading that emulate the real thing as closely as possible, even down to copying corporate logos and
document styles as well as even including a large portion of real shipping details.
The fraudsters will appear to be very well informed about the nature of the cargo being shipped. They may even know the trading pattern of the vessel in question, giving
details about the route and possible cargo so they can make the transaction as close as possible to appearing legal.
They will offer to sell cargo that is supposedly on board the vessel; however, the fraudsters will attempt to seek a buyer for their phantom cargo by either obtaining direct
payment or via a Letter of Credit.
You should keep in mind that a lot of social engineering and research is needed for a scam of this kind. You may need to do some serious checks to catch the offending
party in their tracks. One of the most common things about a scam of this kind is the fact that the deal offered is often way too good to be true, giving a major discount
compared to the usual market prices.

3 - Trojan Container Scam
This type of fraud most often uses the premise that the container in question has a specific type of cargo within, when in fact the contents are quite different.
You can experience a great number of issues with it, ranging from smuggled goods to immigrants, illegal drugs, and even downright trash meant to emulate the weight of
the listed goods in question.
The carrier often risks criminal charges, fines, detention or worse. You should do whatever you can to check cargo manifests as well as the contents of the cargo containers
themselves to avoid scams of this kind at all costs.
1. Cargo of plastic shipped for recycling contained a small amount of used diapers
2. Cargo of rolls of textiles contained smuggled cigarettes
3. A 40 foot box contained 21 illegal immigrants + 2 People Smugglers from Fujian consigned to Los Angeles
4. Various methods to hide drugs
5. Waste and rubbish, or other redundant material to give the impression of [x] tons weight, but the real goods
were never shipped, but were paid for.

ONLY Importer/
Consignee is fully  Responsible for all actions of payment (Be  aware  of  scam  hijack  emails  &  OTHER  scams).  Before paying us, consignee MUST verify
payment method & amount of payment,  & such as our bank account#, western-union account#, check payable to & etc,. ONLY valid communication is, if You/Importer
Consignee/your-vendors is communicating by phone# & email lists from our

Over the phone & email  &/or  face-to-face,  they could be anyone.
Trust No One.  Until you verify verified verified verified..... Below are some of examples of Scams (click here)
.   1. Check Scams: (click here) (click here) (click here)
.   2. Importer identity theft problems. (click here) (click here)   
.   3. 20 / 40 feet full of Rocks from Fake supplier (click here) (click here) (click here) & NVO stuck with 100's container of trash (click here) (PICTURES / docnoticescamtrash)
.   4. Freight Forwarder scamming Freight Forwarder (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here)
.   5. Hacker hijacking your vendor (us/factory/etc.) email & pretends to be your vendor, & gives you new bank wire info.(Be  aware  of  scam  hijack  emails  &  OTHER  scams)
.   6. Smuggling Fake Goods to US (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (cargo theft from ports) (click here)  +Case file from federal court US Attorney’s (click here)
.   7. Fake/Stolen/Forgeries/Fraud/Counterfeit Bill-of-Lading (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here)(click here)(Backdated click here) (Antedated click here)
.   8. DOJ &  FDA filed criminal complaints against 8 individuals &  3 company  +San Diego Customs Broker  for illegally importing & evading taxes (click here)  +(click  here)
.   9. Two (2)  Freight-Forwarding sent Fake documents with importer-id, company  & etc.,  to customs brokers to have their containers cleared through Customs (click here)
.   10.  Fraud in the Maritime Industry:  Any one who is importing, Logistic, Customs Broker, Trucker & etc  should (click here)
.   11. “Terrorism's Trojan Horse Attack”  (click here / page 8) (click here)  (click here) (click here) (click here) (click here)
.   12. Scanning Cargo Containers Is More Important than Scanning Emails  (click here) (click here) (click here)
.   13. Designed to steal login info regarding your bank accounts (either by key logging, taking auto-screens hots or copying information from your clipboard (copy/paste))
.   14. 11 Worst Internet Scams We’re Still Falling For (click here)  /  ID thieves love millennials (click here)  
.   15.

NOTE:  Final Ruling  by US Customs/agencies  for ISF Filing (part 1-2) is  6 years   AND   for Customs Entry filing (part 2-2)  is  5 years.
1. Customs Broker = Messenger between US Customs & Importer:  To transmits importer info/documents, way it was received from you &
your-vendors, to US customs
2. Customs Broker = is
NOT a Messenger between you & your-vendors (Factory/ Supplier/ Forwarder/ Warehouse/ Shipping-company/ CET-Exam-Site, US Agencies & etc.)
3. All importer are
BOUND to Incoterms (PRE-Arranged  BEFORE leaving foreign port,  Such as: Bill-of-Lading /BL (Sale) / MFG  Contract  Agreement  / OBL /  Arrival Notice)
4. To understand why/who importer
MUST pay,  BEFORE/After/DURING  shipping,  you MUST review Incoterms  &  contact  ISSUER of  Bill-of-Lading (TITLE  to shipment)
5. Please review
Import process,  Incoterms &  etc  Import  requirements  by  US Customs.  After viewing, If you required a personal assistant: $250 hr / $2000 day +Retainer
6. Importer is
RESPONSIBLE for all fees/US Laws/Liability/exam/permit(s)retroactive(backdate) Document (BL,  Arrival Notice & etc.) Case File: federal court US Attorney's.
Your Responsibility  =  Your shipment / money / profit / sales / Documents / Permit,  your-vendors (factory/supplier/forwarder & etc.),  Your Arrangement/Negotiation & etc.
EXAM Notice  BY Freight Forwarder:  LCL  arrival notice,  Full Container  arrival notice.     For ADD/CVD,  Fumigation,  Emergency Action Notifications can be  $1,000's.
Fumigating your shipment can be $7,205,   Vacuum Cleaning can be $1,900  &  A-TCET Exam / Intensive Exam/Stop Sign / CET Exam can be  $1,843.60 / $2,059.90.
IF Exam (VACIS, NII, X-Ray, IBET, MET, CET  & ETC,), your Freight Forwarder will be Notifying with arrival notice & invoice (pay your Freight Forwarder) (99% of the time).
IF Exam (CET Exam, A-TCET Exam, Intensive Exam/Stop Sign, IPR, Tailgate,  Emergency Action Notifications &  ETC,) Importer MUST pay DIRECTLY to exam site. (100%)
12. IF
Importer / id=(SSN# or Tax-id/EIN/IRS# or CAN#)  or  ANY info is   off-by-one-digit/letter, US Customs can/will Confiscate/Seize your shipment &  Penalize/Fines  you.
13. And
USCustoms/Agencies can  Release with Detention(Hold)/Hold/Confiscate/Penalize/Fines/Recall/Exam/Penalty/Re-ISF-Filing/issue Destroy/re-export/add-DPL & etc.
14. Please pay all
your-vendors directly (ASAP), to AVOID Our $50 (click here). IF Amending/up-dating your Entry Filing (click here $). IF Entry must be RE-FILE (click here $)
15. You /Importer/
Consignee is fully responsible for all actions of payment  Be  aware  of  scam  hijack  emails  &  OTHER  scams.
16. Before paying us,
consignee MUST verify payment method & amount of payment,  & such as our bank account#, western-union account#, check payable to & etc,.
17. ONLY valid communication is, if You/Importer/
Consignee/your-vendors  is communicating by phone# & email lists from our