Thank you for your submission:  
.  a. After reviewing your submission, we will be contacting you, within 1 hour
.  b. If you have any questions;  //  213-270-1930  (24 hours / 7 days)
.  c. Please review below;  Only way to enjoy import/export & prosper is, to understand the import lingo/language.

ISF (visa) must be file, 48 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port, otherwise Customs could penalize you, up-to $5000 & etc.
.  a. After ISF (visa) has been verified, you will be receiving 3 page ISF Confirmation (for your record) & Invoice (total 4 pages)
.  b. Payment:  Check (personal/company)  or  Wire (info will be given with Invoice),  No credit-card / No other for security issues
.  c. Also, confirmation will be email your supplier/shipper/forwarder/etc, so they will be able to, load to the Vessel (if they haven't, yet)

ISF filing Cost (two type)
.  a. ISF filing: 24 hours (USA time Zone) BEFORE leaving foreign port:  $95 + Single ISF Bond.
.  b. Late ISF filing: 23 hours & 59 minutes (USA time Zone) BEFORE Leaving Foreign port  or  HAS left Foreign port:  $297.61 + Import-Bond ($876.33)
.  c. Please email all documents (such as ISF-info, invoice/packing-list/etc) from your supplier/shipper/etc, also, fill-out service agreement  &  email your driver-license OR passport

You Hired (you're Hiring) us to submit your ISF, Entry & Bonds with Customs/Agencies & IF any domestic Trucking (Nothing More)
.  a. Fyi / ie: As Certified Public Accountant (CPA) provides Tax filing service (aka IRS-Broker).   We / Import-Customs-Broker (ICB) provide ISF, Entry & Bond filing services
.  b. Any Questions relating to shipping, contact your Supplier  (ie; if you ordered things from Amazon, they are your supplier & shipper, so if you have any problems, contact Amazon)
.  c. Any Questions relating to Arrival-Notice (AN), contact issuer of AN.  Questions relating to pick-up location, look at your AN.  Questions relating to warehouse, contact warehouse
.  d. FYI: Just like any Visa, Passport & ETC, Customs can Reject any person/cargo Before/During/After in US, with-OUT refunds, pro-rates & etc, and demand export back to origin
.  e. All Premium/Commission/Services/Arrangements/Etc Fees are full Earned (No Refunds, No pro-rates & Etc).   ISF final ruling is 6 years &  Entry is 5 years  (IRS is 7 years)

AFTER 911:  Customs//Agencies (DHS//IRS//Etc) REQUIRES your Cooperation/Patience.   Email your photo-picture of your Driver-License or Passport
.  a. Also, all Importer MUST identify with Importer-id (aka: SSN or EIN).   IF you're importing with your personal name/sole-p, importer-id is SSN, all others are EIN
.  b. ISF filing is like visa to your cargo (aka back-ground-check).  48 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port, you MUST declare your info, supplier, shipper, Factory & Etc
.  c. Customs Entry filing / Customs Clearing / Customs-Released is like passport to your cargo (aka US Stander//Compliance of Agencies, such as FDA, USDA & Etc)

Especially for first-time importer, please email all Import/Export Doc's/info's relating to cargo & email your photo-picture of Driver-License or Passport
.  a. IF you haven't receive any/some, please email your supplier/shipper info (email & contact name  &/OR  forward last email communication with your shipper)
.  b. We will be  COORDINATING  with you & your-supplier/shipper, to file your ISF (visa) & Entry (passport) with Customs//Agencies.  All email are Copy to you (No extra fee)
.  c. Customs//Agencies will/may Require POA (ie: authority to submit), if so, we will be emailing you POA, to verify your-Info & fill-in "yellow-high-lights", and Email back to us

Bond's are REQUIREMENT  by  Customs//Agencies, for all Importer (ISF & Entry),  Vessel//Carrier (Loader/Unloader),  Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN),  Warehouse/Port & Etc
.  a. ISF filing: IF your importer-id (EIN/SSN) is with-OUT a Import-Bond (CB/$876.33)  or  Single-ISF-Bond (SIB),  SIB is automatically apply.  If filing Late-ISF is apply with CB
.  b. Entry filing:  Single-Entry-Bond (SEB) is apply to Entry filing.  BUT if cargo is subject-to (FDA, UDSA & Etc),  CB is automatically apply to Entry, for your convenient
.  c. Single-ISF-Bond (SIB) & Single-Entry-Bond (SEB) could be done within 30 mins.  Continuous-Bond (CB) could be issued/signed-off by Customs//Surety, within 3-5 days
.  d. FYI: One Continuous-Bond Eliminates most of  Single-ISF-Bond & Single-Entry-Bond & it's good for Next 365 days.  It can be Approved within 3-5 days (ie; REGISTER to Import)
.  e. IF this is your First-Time  &  IF Continuous Bond (CB) is Not require, i suggest Single ISF Bond (SIB) & Single Entry Bond (SEB), until you're ready to import Continuously

ALL importer will paying Domestic fees:
.  a. ISF (ie; visa to your cargo), must be file, 24 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port) &  Entry (passport to your cargo) could be file only with Arrival-Notice from Forwarder/Carrier
.  b. Bill-of-Lading/BL (ie; Airline-Ticket // Port-Port-Ticket // Cargo-Travel-Ticket) is created, after you paid, your supplier/shipper  and  it's issued BEFORE leaving a foreign port.
.  c. Arrival-Notice/AN (ie; Taxi//Shuttle from Port to Hotel) is Unloading & moving to warehouse/terminal.  Must pay directly to issuer of AN, (ie; pay directly to Taxi/Shuttle company)
.  d. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is FOUND at your Bill-of-Lading (BL).  AN is issued 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US.  Issuer AN is agent of BL (aka cargo-ticket-AGENT for vessel)
.  e. CFS Warehouse//Terminal (ie: HOTEL for cargo) fee (aka storage/ forklift/ Etc), Must pay directly to warehouse//terminal, at the time of pick-up or trucking (ie; as you check-out)
.   f. Let say, you're going to China:  Visa & Passport,  buy a Airline-Ticket from origin, to closest destination,  Taxi from Airport to Hotel (pay directly to taxi-driver & hotel).  Vice-Versa.

Entry (passport) can be file ONLY with Arrival-Notice/AN (FINAL Doc) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Supplier/Etc.  AN is issue 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US port
.  a. Arrival-Notice (AN) has FINAL info's of cargo:  Pick-up Locations (warehouse/port),  aka; cost of Unloading from vessel & moving it warehouse/port (IF any) & Etc
.  b. After submitting your FINAL document (AN),  within 72 hours,  Customs//Agencies will notify Duty/Tax,  Exams-notice (IF any),  Subject-to Agencies (IF any) & Etc
.  c. Entry payment:  Check (personal/company)  or  Wire (info will be email with Invoice),  But If it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US,  Exam  or  Etc), only wire is accept it
.  d. Entry Service $50 + Entry fee $195 + Single Entry Bond (SEB)  or  Import-Bond (IF subject-to agencies / $876.33) + Duty/Tax/Etc.   For details (click here)

After unloading from vessel.
.  a. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at port//Terminal, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits
.  b. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS  warehouse, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc.  It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker
.  c. Terminal/Warehouse are chosen by issuer BL//AN//Vessel//Exam-site//Customs//Etc, depending who has space available, convenient & Etc (99%, import has No say-so)
.  d. Vessel will contact issuer AN & Trans-Loaded (shuttle) to CFS warehouse//Terminal.  It's Trans-Loaded to Closest XYZ address on your Bill-of-Lading / Arrival-Notice

BEFORE you could receive or pick-up or truck your Cargo to final destination:
.  a. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Freight-Released from issuer Arrival-Notice/Forwarder/Carrier/Vessel/Etc, only after, you have satisfied Arrival-Notice
.  b. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) from us/Customs, only after, you have satisfied ISF, Entry & Etc
.  c. At the time of picking-up or trucking your cargo, warehouse/port/terminal/Etc fee (aka storage/ in-&-out/ forklift/ Per-diem/ Etc) must pay directly to warehouse/port/terminal

TO receive Customs-Released, your cargo MUST be in, Freight-Location of your Arrival-Notice, also...
.  a. Email your driver-license  or  your designate pick-up person driver-license  or   your trucker company info
.  b. BUT, if you require trucking arrangement from us (LCL Cargo), email your info (receiver);  full address, name, phone, email & photo-pictures of driver-license
.  c. Before/After Picking-up/trucking, ask your CFS warehouse/port, if there is any physical/visual/etc damage, if any, contact your supplier//shipper//issuer-arrival-notice//etc
.  d. For Freight-Released, contact issuer of Arrival-Notice.   For Orignal-Bill-of-Lading (OBL), contact issuer Bill-of-Lading/Supplier.   As for Warehouse/Terminal, contact them directly

BEFORE paying your supplier, contact us:  I) To avoid last minute filings.  II) to avoid $5,000 penalty & Etc.  III) to COORDINATE with you & your-supplier & Customs.  ALSO.
.  a. Term of shipping should be CIF (InCoTerm), as you give your XYZ address to your supplier:  CIF means, with insurance & supplier is Responsible, until cargo is US
.  b. Term of BL should be Telex-release//Surrender//Express (Title of ownership to Consignee, cargo paid in Full, Before leaving supplier warehouse), it's issue by supplier
.  c. Normally, having your supplier shipped, it's about 15-30% cheaper (mostly it's labor cost). Sea shipping cost are about $60-125 per CBM (pallet = 3ftx3ftx3ft/up-to 2,000lb)
.  d. Other reason, it will be cheaper is, most of supplier hires a Consolidator (shares cargo space) shipper, from your supplier warehouse to export-port/terminal/warehouse
.  e. IF hire own, other than supplier, they may do limo service on your cargo, meaning they may transport your cargo only, from your supplier to export port/terminal/warehouse

All Shipping are AUTHORIZED by you (Importer/Buyer), as you paid your supplier/shipper
.  a. But, don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper)  in  Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Laws
.  b. Most of foreign & international shipping are handle by supplier (except domestic), Otherwise, you maybe involved with Foreign Export Dpt (Government, Loader & Etc)
.  c. IF you're Drop-Shipping, give your supplier, your name/company-name & your customer-address.   After Customs-Released, create Trucking BL between you & your customer
.  d. Do NOT abbreviate any info to your supplier, Such as;  City, State, Names & Etc (exp:  LA could be interpretive as Louisiana  vs  Los Angeles to your supplier/foreigner)
.  e. If your supplier ask, name of closest US Port, just give them your XYZ address & name/company, so vessel could unload & Trans-Loaded to Closest XYZ address on your BL/AN

To sum up all the ESTIMATE fees.
.  a. ISF (ie; visa) file, 24 hours before leaving foreign port:  ISF filing ($95) + Single-ISF-Bond    OR    Late-ISF ($159) + Continuous Bond (876.33).    
.  b. Entry (ie; passport) is file with Arrival-Notice (ie; Final-Import-Doc):  Service ($50/$95) +Customs-Entry ($195) +Single-Entry-Bond  OR  Continuous Bond ($876.33) +Exam/Etc
.  c. Bill-of-Lading (ie; Airline-Ticket from origin, PRE-purchase):  Sea shipping is about $60-95 per CBM (Cubic Metres = pallet = 3ft x 3ft x 3ft / up-to 2,000lb) with cargo insurance (CIF)
.  d. Arrival-Notice (ie; Taxi from Port to Hotel, is pay directly to Taxi-Driver):  First pallet is  $130 to $250 & other pallets are $40 to $80, depending on seasons & Miles away from Port
.  e. Warehouse for LCL & Terminal for Full CNTR (ie; Hotel bill are pay, as you check-out):   First pallet is about $70 & other pallets are $20-$40.  20/40/45 container/Etc are $90-150

15. To estimate ISF, Entry & Etc (before/during/after paying your supplier/shipper):
.  a. Please email proforma/draft/estimate invoice/packing-list, clear description, Materials, usage, photos-picture & etc.
.  b. After receiving infos, we will be able to consulted with Customs, this may take up-to 24 hours.   All are subject to change at the discretion of Customs, any time/where/etc
.  c. Whether your cargo is penny or million dollar (one box or full container), all the fees & import-process/time/etc are Similar.  Make it your worthwhile, otherwise do NOT ........
.  d. As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller, nor anyone).   As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your seller, nor anyone)
.  e. We can  COORDINATE  with you & your-supplier/shipper, email your supplier info (email & contact name, &/OR  forward last email communication with your supplier), No extra cost

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